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優雅海扇蛤Chlamys delicatula...

我想請問一下誰有"優雅海扇蛤Chlamys delicatula"的資料中英文皆可或是給我網址也可以越詳細越好 

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    Queen scallop (QSC)


    Scientific NameChlamys delicatulaBiologyThe New Zealand queen scallop (Zygochlamys delicatula) is also known as the southern queen scallop, southern fan scallop, and gem scallop. This small pectinid species is distributed on the outer continental shelf along the east coast of the South Island, from Kaikoura down to Macquarie Island.  There are nine other species in the genus, none of which have attracted commercial interest, probably because of their small size.  Similar species such as Chlamys islandica and Chlamys varia support important fisheries in other countries.  New Zealand queen scallops are distributed from Kaikoura to the southern islands including the Snares, Bounty, Antipodes, and Macquarie Islands.  There are no records of live queen scallops being caught north of Kaikoura, or on the west coast of the South Island.  A dredge survey off Otago in October 1983 showed queen scallops were distributed in long patches orientated along the slope of the continental shelf.  They were most abundant in depths beyond 130 m, on the plateau between the Taiaroa and Papanui Canyons, and south.  North of the Taiaroa Canyon catches diminished steadily towards the Karitane Canyon; few were caught north of the canyon.  Only low numbers of queen scallops were caught in depths shallower than 110 m.  Juvenile queen scallops are frequently found attached to fragments of bryozoa and other biogenic debris, including the shells of other scallops and the dredge oyster. Height frequency distributions of samples show size composition of the population differs with area, and it is inferred that settlement probably varies spatially and temporally.  The estimated 40-50 days larval life may result in queen scallop larvae being well mixed, both vertically and horizontally, in the water column.  Predation of newly settled spat may also affect the pattern of recruitment and add to the variability in year class representation.

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