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What is Parkinson\'s disease?

What are the organs/body parts that are most affected by Parkinson\'s disease and how does Parkinson\'s disease affect each of them?

Overall, how does Parkinson\'s disease affect a person\'s everyday life functions?

How is Parkinson\'s disease treated or cured?



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    1.The cause of Parkinson's disease is unknown. Many researchers believe that several factors combined are involved: free radicals, accelerated aging, environmental toxins, and genetic predisposition.

    2.movement disorder. Tremors, rigidity, slow movement (bradykinesia), poor balance, and difficulty walking (called parkinsonian gait) are characteristic primary symptoms of Parkinson?s disease.

    3.Medication selection and dosage is tailored to the individual. The physician considers factors such as severity of symptoms, age, and presence of other medical conditions. No two persons respond identically to a particular drug or dosage level, so this process involves experimentation, persistence, and patience.

    As the disease progresses, drug dosages may have to be modified and medication regimens changed. Sometimes a combination of drugs is given.

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