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漢城奧運會主題曲”Hand In Hand”歌詞

我想要漢城奧運會主題曲\"Hand In Hand\"歌詞,可是都找不到。



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    Hand In Hand 這首歌曲由四位旅歐的韓國歌手(兩男兩女)組合的Koreana所唱, 由義大利米蘭音樂學院教授、著名作曲家Giorgio Moroder作曲,美國詞作家Tom Whitlock填詞而成。Hand In Hand (1988 Seoul Olympics Theme Song) We feel the beating of our hearts togetherThis our time to rise aboveWe know the chance is here to live foreverFor all timeHand in hand we standAll across the landWe can make this world a better place in which to liveHand in hand we canStart to undrestandBreaking down the walls that come between us for all timeArirangEverytime we give it allWe feel the flame eternally inside usLift our hands up to the skyThe morning calm helps us to live in harmonyFor all timeArirang這是在韓國網站上直接找到的音樂下載網址..雖然音質不是很好。

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    See the fire in the sky

    We feel the beating of our hearts together

    This our time to rise above

    We know the chance is here to live forever

    For all time



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    這是沒有錯的歌詞,不過已經接近副歌了!一開始是:See the fire in the sky。可以在補充一下嗎 謝謝!

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