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    Joe is a stuent who dislikes English very much. He never has an attention to study this subject. One day he met a foreigner asking the way while he was walking along the street. However, he totally had no idea what the foreigner was talking about. In the meanwhile, a lady came to help him answer that foreigner. Jeo felt very shamed of it. It was a big help, though. He could not even understand such an easy English dialogue. He felt very frustrated and made a firm decision to study hard on English. In order to improve his English dialogue, he reads English newspaper, listens to ICR radio every day and possibly joins all kinds of competitions of English. Under many years of efforts, Joe was represented to join an international English speech. Not only he won the champion, but he also took back his self-respect. While the public was cheerful for his success, Joe said to them he hoped that everyone loved English.

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    Joe is a student, who doesn't like English very much, and he never studies it.


    One day, when he walked on the road, a foreigner asked him for the direction. But he didn't understand at all.


    At this time, a girl walked by and answered for him. Although she did a big favor for Joe, he felt ashamed. How could he couldn't speak such an easy conversation?!


    Joe felt disappointed, and decided to work energetically in English.


    He read English newspapers, listened to ICRT every day, and joined every kind of competition and speech to advance his English conversation ability.


    By his hard work for many years, Joe represented our country to join the International English Speech competition and won the champion! He retook his self-respect by English. In the applause of all the people, he said "I hope everybody can love English!"

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    Joe is a student disliking English very much, unwilling to read English. He walks on the distance and meets a foreigner and asks the way to him one day, but the English idiot's he can not understand at all! A girl student answers for him at this moment, one is very busy after helped Joeing, but Joe feel ashamed and incomparable, such simple English talk he unexpectedly can? ! Joe who receives this setback, read English hard from then on! Read the English newspaper, listen to ICRT and participating in the ability that various kinds of little matches raise one's own English and talk with lecturing every day. Under the efforts for many years, Joe participates in the international English speaking competition and wins the championship on behalf of our country! He recaptures self-respect by English. Under everybody's cheer, he says ' hope everybody can love English! ' .

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