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我要問的問題共有四題請各位大大將它們中翻英謝謝:1、建築師希望能把香港機場設計成為全世界最繁忙的機場之一,更進一步成為世界的航運中心。  2、香港機場的購物中心可以提供您市中心一樣的商品服務品質及價格。3、機場所特別設計的手推車可幫助您將您的行李及商品放置上面,讓您靈情享受購物的樂趣。  4、狗最容易被人視察的行為就是狗搖尾巴的動作。5、狗在繞圈圈的時候,不是代表它不快樂,而是代表它是偉大的,你不要去惹它。

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     The architect hoped can design into the Hong Kong airport one of world busiest airports, further becomes the world the shipping center.


    The Hong Kong airport shopping center may provide you the town center same commodity service quality and the price.


    The airport institute specially designs the handcart may help you above yours baggage and the commodity laying aside, lets you work the sentiment to enjoy the shopping the pleasure.


    The dog easily the behavior which is inspected by the person is the dog swings the tail the movement.


    The dog is going around circle time, is not represents it not to be joyful, but is represents it is great, you do not go annoy it.


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    1. The architect hopes to become the Hong Kong design of airport at one of the busiest airports in the whole world, go still one step further to become the shipping centre of the world.

    2. The shopping center of the airport of Hong Kong can offer the same goods service quality and price in the city center to you.

    3. The handcart that the airport especially designs can help you to put your luggage and goods in the above, the feeling enjoys doing shopping to make you clever.

    4. Dog's easiest to be inspected behaviors are movements that the dog shakes the tail.

    5. Dog when wind and enclose enclosing, not representative it unhappy, but representative it great, you mustn't go to cause it.


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