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在法國,女孩們則稱心儀的騎士們為”瓦朗坦Valentine”。一直到十五世紀初,在英國囚監長達25年的法國中古世紀名詩人沙爾奧爾良Charles d\'Orleans,更將傳送\"愛的訊息La Valentine\"的習俗帶回法國。據說,在漫長的監禁歲月,沙爾奧爾良每年二月十四日都不忘捎上一封滿是愛意的情書,給他遠在法國的未婚妻瑪莉克萊芙Marie de Cleves。直至十五世紀末,\"聖瓦朗坦Saint-Valentine\"便名正言順地成為情侶的守護者啦!

十八世紀,全歐洲的情人更流行在情人節當日,傳送畫有希臘神話中的愛神邱彼特的\"愛的訊息La Valentine\"。在十九世紀,\"愛的訊息La Valentine\"要算是最羅曼蒂克的示愛方式,通常卡片上還附有愛的小詩des poemes amoureux。維多利亞時代的\"愛的訊息La Valentine\"更是精緻華麗,除了有羽毛、蕾絲與絲綢的點綴外,噴上香水的乾燥花更是少不了的裝飾。直至十九世紀中葉,情人節更廣傳自美洲,成為全球性的節日了。

PS 有些羅馬拼音,不需要翻。

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    In France, girls call the knights they admire “Valentine”. At the beginning of the 15th century, a famous French Medieval poet Charles d’Orleans, who was held prisoner in England for 15 years, brought back the custom of sending love messages (La Valentine). According to legend, during the long imprisonment, every February 14th, Charles d’Orleans never failed to send a love letter to his fiancée Marie de Cleves in France far away from him. Saint-Valentine became the guardian of lovers by the end of the 15th century.

    In the 18th century, it is fashionable for the lovers in Europe to send messages with the drawing of Cupid on Valentine’s Day. In the 19th century, sending a love message (La Valentine) is viewed as the most romantic way of showing your love. Usually, the cards come with short poems of love (des poemes amoureux). The love messages during the Victorian period are even more luxurious. Besides the feathers, laces and silk, scented dried flowers were also a staple decoration. In mid 19th century, the concept of Valentine’s day spread to America, and became a global celebration/holiday.


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    French Valentine's Day

    At France, the girls then feel happy the knights of instrument as"the tile 朗坦 Valentine".Till the beginning of 15 centuries, at British jailbird 監 long 25 years of French medieval times century anthologist person the good Charles d'Orleans of the sand 爾奧爾 , bring back the custom of the transmission"loving message La Valentine" France more.It is said, at the endless captivity years, the sand 爾奧爾's ising good doesn't forget 捎 on February 14s previous and full is the love letter of love, give him far a gram the 萊芙 Marie de Cleves at French fiancee Mary.Keep to 15 centuries, ends, "the Saint-Valentine of the saint tile 朗坦 " becomes the guardant of lovers then and perfectly deservedly!

    18 centuries, the lover of whole Europeses is popular in Valentine's Day that day, the transmission painting has Venus Chiu in Greece myth that especially of"loving message La Valentine".At 19 centuries, "loving message La Valentine" wants to be regarded as to pay address a way most romantically, usually card up return the small poem des poemes amoureux of fish-eye love."Love of message La Valentine" of Victoria times is a more fine pomp, feather, lace and silk embellish, besides which, the dry flower which sprays up the perfume is a more necessary adornment.Keep to 19 centuries a middle period, Valentine's Day goes the round more from America, becoming global festival.

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