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我是加拿大人~我想進紐約FIT or Parson!


但是我想要進紐約的FIT or Parson!












i am going to the university in this september!

and i want to transfer to the FIT or Parson, is that have any possible way to get in?

otherwise, i can also after 4 years in my university, and go to the FIT or Parson in graduate school!

Is that possible?


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    you might need to apply for international student admission. therefore, you'll be paying out of state tuition. (by the way, both FIT and Parsons are private school, tuition is all the same regardless your residency)

    Both FIT and Parsons are very competitive. If you did not have and formal tranining in design your chance of getting is is very low.

    Do you have any proforlio? If you already have a BA why not get a second degree in design field and transfer or apply for above mentioned school a year or two later.

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    by the way, my chinese is not good. I am very confused weather you are going to graduate school or seeking a bachelor degree?????canada and US are different country and canadian students need to apply for international admission. don't you know this?

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    I take FIT stands for" Fashion institute of technology"My understand this is not a community college. it's a four year fashion desing college.

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    If you are just starting college. Try attending local community college and get some of your general eds there while making up for your major requirements and apply for transfer admission there.

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    yep fit is not a private college for sure/

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    I am waiting for the reply of master in FIT ,too. FIT is nt a private college.

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    FIT is a city college.

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    一般在美國,進大學的第一年還不會確定你要唸的科系,如果你今年九月唸大一,明年帶著你原有的學分轉學應該是可以的,這問題你還是要問 FIT or Parson的adminisation比較準, No matter you are canadian, Chinese,Taiwanese, Japanese, you are still not american. You'd better contact with the international student office. You will pay the same price tuition fee as an international student. You will not get any disaccount. The only thing you don't need is TOEFL test. It is still concerned cause accounting to your background, I think you are not a native canadian,are you? It means you might be from China or Taiwan. So I think you might be asked to take TOEFL test.Anyway, here is not the best for you to get the correct answer.

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