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1.He is excellent in painting.

2.He excels in football.

3.He wins a prize for his excellence in English.

4.The policeman must handle the gun carefully.

5.I can\'t open the door because the door handle is broken.

6.She manages to buy enough food for her family with so little money.

7.The failure of this store is because of its poor management.

8.He is the manager of this famous company.

9.Please answer the phone call politely.

10.Mary is a very polit lady.

11.He talks to the poor girl with great politeness.

12.His impolite way of talking shows that he doesn\'t respect his friends at all.

13.When will you retire from this job?

14.Mr. Lin is a retired general.

15.I want to live in retirement when I am fifty years old.

16.Mr .Lin is a faithful hrsband.

17.We must have faith in God.

18.I don\'t like him because he is faithless to his words.

19.He draws two identical circles on the blackboard.

20.Can you identify the knife you used last night?

21.You will have your identification card when you are fourteen years old.

22.We can\'t find out his true identity.

23.I suspect that he didn\'t tell the truth.

24.The policeman didn\'t tell us who the suspect of the murder was.

六.Sentence patterns

1.Be + Adj. + enough for + N / Be + Adj. + enough + to +VR

Example: My sister/ old /school

→ My sister is old enough for school.

My sister/ old / go to school.

→ My sister is old enough to go to school.

The dress/ pretty / party


Bill / dirty / take a shower


Jane\'s grade / good / prize


2.V(stay / keep / seem/ appear / feel )+ Adj.

Example: Mary/ seem/ happy today

→ Mary seems happy today.

Joe / appear / tired yesterday


The box / keep the food / fresh


This cloth / feel/ sofe


3.have/ has no choice but to +VR

Example: We / go home early

→ We have no choice but to go home early.

The father / buy the toy


The workers / work more hours


We / turn off the TV


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    1.他很會畫畫。3.他因為英文很好而得獎。4.警察一定要謹慎的使用槍隻。5.這扇門的把手壞了所以我打不開。6.她設法用最少的錢為家裡買最多的食物。7.這間商店的失敗是因為拙劣的管理技巧。8.他是這家著名公司的經理。9.接電話時請保持禮貌。10. Mary是很有禮貌的小姐。11.他有禮貌的和那位令人同情的女孩說話。12.他無禮的說話方式顯示他一點都不尊重他的朋友。13.你什麼時候退休呢?14.林先生是一位退休的將軍。15.當我50歲時,我要開始過退隱的生活。16.林先生是忠實的丈夫。17.我們一定要信賴上帝。18.我不喜歡他因為他說的話都不可靠。19.他在黑板上畫出兩個一樣的圓。20.你能分辨出昨晚你使用哪把餐刀嗎?21.當你14歲時就會有屬於你的身份證。22.我們無法查出他的真實身分。23.我猜他沒有說實話。24.警察沒有告訴我們誰是這樁謀殺案的嫌疑犯。六.Sentence patterns1.Be + Adj. + enough for + N / Be + Adj. + enough + to +VRExample: My sister/ old /school→ My sister is old enough for school.My sister/ old / go to school.→ My sister is old enough to go to school.The dress/ pretty / party →The dress is pretty enough for party.Bill / dirty / take a shower→Bill is dirty enough to take a shower.Jane's grade / good / prize→Jane's grade is good enough for prize.2.V(stay / keep / seem/ appear / feel )+ Adj.Example: Mary/ seem/ happy today→ Mary seems happy today.Joe / appear / tired yesterday→Joe appeared tired yesterday.The box / keep the food / fresh→The box keeps the food fresh.This cloth / feel/ sofe→This cloth feel soft.3.have/ has no choice but to +VRExample: We / go home early→ We have no choice but to go home early.The father / buy the toy→The father has no choice but to buy the toy.The workers / work more hours→The workers have no choice but to work more hours.We / turn off the TV→We have no choice but to turn off the TV.2.他擅長踢足球。

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