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Complete the sectences using..


四、Complete the sectences using the words in italics from A.

1. You can go on __________. I’ll stay here and catch up with you later.

2. My twelve-year-old daughter played some great __________ on April Fool’s Day.

3. Joe is __________ planning a party for Mei Lin’s twenty-first birthday.

4. On Saturday we’re having a big party to __________ my birthday. I hope your can come.

5. Who _________ the TV channel? I was watching a program on channel twenty.




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    1. 你可以繼續 __________. 我將會在這裡然後晚點去接你

    2. 我12歲的女兒在四一愚人節時玩弄了很大的 __________ .

    3. 喬正在 __________ 幫Mei Lin的21歲生日計劃一個派對.

    4. 在周六我們正舉行一個大型派對以便__________ 我的生日. 我希望你能來.

    5. 誰 _________ 這個電視頻道? 我剛正在收到20台的節目

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