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    Leading lady Ali promise sentiment intense, but is cool-headed, she

    chooses when the thing not the heavy measuring appliance speaks the

    moral behavior, has fallen in love with manner frank sincere Edward.

    Finally finally if forms the life companion. Another leading lady

    Masurium Lian forms the sharp contrast with her, she intelligent

    intelligent, but full of affection is actually sensitive, cherishes the

    romantic fantasy to the love, marries a person wholeheartedly

    outstanding, demeanour enchanting pleasant my dear. She does not

    truncate to 35 year-old colonel as soon as attends to, to the

    frivolous son Willoughby love at first sight, latter is actually

    gotten rid by it, but is in deep sorrow. Finally or married for has

    adored hers colonel.

    Willoughby and Masurium Lian is being in is in love when the high tide

    actually in a hurry leaves, but Masurium Lian actually never forgets

    to him, the entire body and mind anticipated can meet by chance

    with him in the city, she "the mood surges upward, also is somewhat

    disturbed." Obviously she infers Willoughby's anxious mood, perhaps

    but is disturbed for hereafter Willoughby saw when her, that

    desolateness, has made 1. mappings. After Willoughby appears, only

    then truly turned into the Masurium Lian hope the pain.

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    The favourable promise emotion is strong that the leading lady ends, but sober-minded, she does not pay attention to appearance to explain moral standing while choosing the things, have loved candid and cordial Edward. End instead of forming the lifelong companion finally. Another leading lady Mary and Ann contrasts sharply with her, her clever fairy is intelligent, but affectionate and sentimental, hold romantic illusion to the love, marry an outstanding moral standing, man as one wishes with pleasant poise wholeheartedly. She does not pare taking care of to the colonel 35 years old, but fall in love at first sight to frivolous son Willoughby, and then abandoned by it, and overwhelmed with sorrow. Still marry cordially to her colonel finally.

    Willoughby and Mary and Ann but parting hurriedly while loving the climax deeply, but Mary fits and bears him in mind constantly, physically and mentally it expect can with him at town it meet,she ' the in high spirits, getting getting in a disturbed state of more mind a more bit. ' can see she want to see eager mood of Willoughby, but in a disturbed state of mind for thereafter at seeing her Willoughby perhaps, that is cold, shine upon after doing some. After Willoughby appears, the expectation that really fits Mary turns into the agony.

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