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綠卡 面談__15點


1. 面談通知上要他帶生活保證書(I-864),但是這份保證書在上一次就寄到美國(因為核准了,所以才寄這次的通知),因為沒有料想到這次面談也要用到I-864,所以也沒有留底,請問該怎麼辦呢?

2. 因為朋友工作的關係,可能很忙;想請問,第一次去美國要辦哪些事(跑哪些機構),在當地等待文件的時間會需要多久?



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    1) You should either fill out another one, or tell the immigration officer that the affidavit should be on file already (this will not be a good thing to do, becuase you should have a backup copy of EVERYTHING!)

    2) Once entried the U.S., the first thing is to apply for an alien card (green card) at the airport custom (port of entry). after you settled, go to the Social Security Administration Office (SSA Office) to apply for a Social Security Card. Make sure to bring your passport! You will need a Social Security Number to apply for anything from driving license, bank account, to cellphone.

    *Overseas property is a good source for financial support on the financial affidavit; however, you are subjected to be taxed for gains on your overseas property and investment.

    If you have more question, welcome to ask me! I can read and speak Chinese, just don't know how to type ;)

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