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the way to recognize zodiac

how to recognize a SCORPIO & GEMINI???

(has to be in English)


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    "The question is . . . which is to be master- that's all."

    An encyclopedia describes a scorpion as a nocturnal arachnid that attacks and paralyzes its prey with a poison injected by the long, curved tail, used for both defense and destruction. Its sting is sometimes fatal.

    People often draw back visibly when someone says he or she was born in November, murmuring, "Oh, you're a Scorpio!" either in frank fear, or in awe and respect. Some­times there's also a giggle that obviously refers to the legendary Scorpio passion. Scorpios are fed up with these reactions to their Sun sign, and who can blame them? But they are ruthless and dangerous, right?

    Wrong. It depends. First, you'd better learn how to recognize the sign. In self-defense perhaps-or because you seek a really superior human being.

    Most Pluto people have powerful physiques. The features are noticeably heavy or sharp, and clearly drawn, and the nose is quite prominent, sometimes beak-shaped. Ordinarily, the complexion is very pale, almost translucent, and the brows are heavy and knit together over the bridge of the nose. There's a crackling, electric vitality about the very presence of a Scorpio that gives him away. As quiet as he tries to be, such a vital force can't be hidden com­pletely. The males will have a heavy growth of hair on the arms and legs, often with a reddish cast. Most Scorpios have darkish hair and eyes, but don't overlook the frosty blonde types, of which Grace Kelly and Billy Graham are excellent examples. Frosty on the outside, that is. The poised surface calm of the Pluto character is carefully de­signed to hide the boiling inner nature.

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    GEMINI"I wish you woudn't keep appearing And vanishing so suddenly. You make one quite giddy!" This time it vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail, and ending with the grin, which remained for some time after the rest of it had gone.

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    there are some other things that u can use on that site!!

    just check around urself!!

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    I've got a feeling that what the question is really asking for is how to identify Gemini and Scorpio in the sky, as in astronomy, not astrology.

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    Here are the websites for explanations.. I'm sorry I can't be of anymore help.



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    What IS your Question???

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