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幫我英翻中企業管理的句子, 謝謝!!

1. 企業經營要有\"三局\", 要有格局, 布局和步局, 每一步都要經過用心的思考

2. 本公司一直以來飽受上游廠困擾, 上游是模具廠, 常常交期和模具品質不穩定, 模具開得好不好會直接影響產品的品質

3. A 公司讓同業害怕的, 正是在技術, 交期, 品質, 價格, 難以與之抗衡

4.如果你慢吞吞的開發新品, 再開始量產, 市場己經冷寂了, 也容易被庫存吃垮, 畢竟市場的競爭是殘酷的

5.把貨品放置在廠庫中只能算是負擔, 不能算是收益, 交貨就是要\"適品, 適時, 適質, 適量\"

6.許多大型公司會垮掉, 往往王是因開發不出新品, 而是因為不貨暢其流, 受庫存所累

7.企業經營要善於選擇, 判斷 和決策

8. 未來的產業競爭不再是和對手比土地, 關係等資源, 而是比人才, 技術和時間, 從資源取得, 運用到分配都很重要的過程

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    1. Enterprises manage " three offices ", there should be pattern, overall arrangement and step office, every step will pass the thinking diligently

    2. Our company has endured the upper reaches factory to the fullest extent to perplex all the time, the upper reaches is the mould factory , often hand in one and mould quality is unstable, whether the mould opens quality that will influence the products directly well

    3.A The company let the same trade fear, just in technology, hand in one, quality , the price, it is difficult to contend with it

    4.If your unhurried development new product, the beginning amount is produced again, the market passes ownly coldly and quietly , easy to be wiped out by the stock, the competition of the market is cruel after all

    5.Putting the goods can be regarded as the burden the factory storehouse, cannot be regarded as the income, " the right product is in good time that deliver goods to take, right quality is right amount "

    6.A lot of large-scale companies will collapse, because often the king can not develop the new product, but because not goods can be transported smoothly, it is tired to receive the stock

    7.Enterprises will good at choosing while managing, will judge and make policy

    8. In the future industry competition to compare with rival the land no longer, resources of concerning etc., but than talents, technology and time, obtain from resources, apply to and distribute very important course

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