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財政赤字為何會產生通貨膨脹 的英文

如標題 一整句的英文  如果沒有那麻煩"財政赤字" "通貨膨脹"兩句話的英文 急找~* 附上20點為謝禮

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    Why would financial deficit(or government deficit) bring inflation?


    In order for the government to balance their deficit, they would issue more bond or more spending. As the spending increased, more money are put in the market and would cause the inflation to go up.


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    Why a fisical deficit would result to inflation?

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    財政一定是fiscal not financial

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    Why will/did the financial deficit bring us inflation?

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    Or Why will/did the financial deficit produce/result inflation? 此外,要看你的問題是問未來或過去的情形來決定你的助動詞:will(未來)did (過去)

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    財政赤字為何會產生通貨膨脹 = The finance in the red why will produce the inflation {The finance in the red why can produce the inflation}

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