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欣逢 貴公司招募人才,本人對貴公司所提供的工作,有高度的興趣,若能被貴公司錄用,一定會虛心的學習,用心的做好每件事,不讓貴公司失望.

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    1 decade ago
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    My name is ***,Born in 1977, grew in Kaohsjung while I was a child, there are 6 members in my fliamy, father is engaged in the work of installing the project in machinery at present, mother is a full-time housewife, in I for eldest son,on there is elder sister,make it there will be younger brother of 2 pieces, economic conditions are in line in the family, family's emotion is very harmonious.

    As a child, because it may be the eldest son's relation, parents will always especially give repeated exhortations, protect a heart feeling grateful when when inculcate a lot of reasons of conducting oneself and doing thing of mine , and want, make me pretty good with the relation of getting along between colleague's friend after growing up.

    After the professorship graduated in 1996 , because waited to join the army , followed father and engaged in the work of installing the project in machinery , the mechanical range assembled is full and wide, there is production line of the factory , angry electric intergrowth, hydroelectric generation ,etc. ......

    Later joined the army because the professorship was studied automobile maintenance had driving licenses of automobiles, appointed to undergo training by the company commander, serve as after coming back the truck drives and concurrently maintains to a skilled worker .

    Happy to meet with your company and recruit talents , my work offered toward your company, there is interest of height , can be employed by your company, the study sure to be modest, doing everything well diligently, does not allow your company to be disappointed .

    Source(s): 這個是我用電腦裡一個翻譯程式來做的翻譯 如果有錯誤請原諒!!
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