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The Mystery Of Coniston Water讀後感


The Mystery Of Coniston Water這本英文小說的內容寫的是一個鬼故事,主要在寫說一個名叫Julie的16歲女孩,她在一個關於青少年的雜誌裡看到一個風光明媚的地方叫Holly How。但是呢!她的哥哥Paul卻潑了她一桶冷水!他說在有個女生溺死在Coniston Water!之後,Paul和Julie便一同前往Holly How。到了他們住的旅館Youth Hotel! Julie和同房間的室友因為床位的分配而處的不大好。後來Julie和Anna一起划船過Coniston Water! Anna把船快速划到了湖中央,也就是湖最深的地方。Anna對Julie說:「誰拿了我的locket?誰就要來Coniston Water陪我!」Paul發現Julie不見了,就到處找她,後來Paul就把Julie救回來了!然後他們就回家了!也結束了這次恐怖又刺激的旅程!





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    The Mystery Of Coniston Water impressions of after-reading

    (1). Content summaries :

    The Mystery Of Coniston Water this English novel's content write is a ghost story, is chief writing say a be called Julie's 16 years old girls, she at a about youth's magazine in sees a scenery fine place call Holly How. But! But her elder brother Paul sprinkles she a bucket of cold water! He says at have a girl drown at Coniston Water! After, Paul and Julie then go to Holly How together. Go they live hotel Youth Hotel! Julie and chummery's roommate because bunk's allocation but place's is not very good. Julie later with Anna rowed Coniston Water! Anna boat quick Hua go lake center, exactly lake the deepest place too. Anna say to Julie : "Who take my locket? Who is going to come Coniston Water accompany with me! "Paul discovers Julie disappear, seek her everywhere, Paul saved Julie come back later! Then they go home! End this time horror exciting journey again too!

    (2)Individual's understanding sentiment :

    Look finish this short article English novel behind, I learn to go many English individual character, as far as listen finish follow book add present English CD, it lets me unfasten beauty style English and english-type English accent's difference, text is all use some very describe to simple word basically, however another on one hand, I feel a little look not understand be Anna in article. Because in she describes real very strange, be because she on earth person or ghost? If she is argute word, why others does that look go her? If she is person's word, that say obstructed A much! However this book is really still good, because each article back all have exercises, can let us unfasten more grammar and English individual character's usage, however honesty say, this book's illustration is real not up to much! And content ordinary is too, little cities not fetching say! And content is expensive some too!

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    The Mystery Of Coniston Water impression of a book (1 ). Content summary :

    What the content of The Mystery Of Coniston Water , this English novel , is written is a spirit's story, writing and speaking a girl 16 years old who is called Julie mainly, she sees in a magazine about teenagers that the bright and beautiful place of a scene calls Holly How. But woolen cloth! But her elder brother Paul has splashed a barrel of cold water of hers! He says that there is a girl student to drown in Coniston Water! Later, Paul and Julie went to Holly How together. Have reached hotel Youth Hotel that they live! Julie and place because of distribution of the berth with the room-mate in the room are not very good. Julie later on is it pass Coniston Water to row the boat with Anna! Anna is it get lake to row fast ship, that is lake most dark place. Anna says to Julie: ' has someone taken my locket? Someone will Coniston Water will come to accompany me soon! ' Paul finds that Julie has disappeared, looked for her everywhere, later on Paul rescued Julie back! Then they went home! Have finished this terror and amazing journey too!

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    太多行了所以用補充的!!2) the impressions of gains:After finishing reading this short English novel, I have learnt a lot of English single characters , as for finishing listening to enclosing English CD presented with the book, it lets me understand the difference of American English and English English

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    太多行了所以用補充的!(accent,this text all describe with some simpler words basically, but on one hand in addition, I think a little that know how to be Anna in the article .

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    太多行了所以用補充的!Because what she described is really very strange inside, because is she the people or the spirit on earth? If she is the spirit, why would other persons see her?!If she is people, then would say obstructed A even more! But this book is really still good,

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