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這房間是家裡最小間的.儘管如此.我在這房間睡已經有5年了. 這是我所有過最溫暖的房間.在床的底下放了很多照片.和棉被.

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    This room is the smallest one of my house, but even then it's my bedroom for 5 years.


    That is the warmest room I ever have.


    I put lots of photographs and bedquilt underneath the bed.

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    This is the smallest room in the house. Even so, I've been here for 5 years, and it's the warmest one I've ever stayed. Under the bed, there are lots of phtots and bedquilts.

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    This room is minimum in home of.For all that.I sleep to have already had 5 years in this

    room. This is I all lead the most warm room.Put a lot of photographs in the underneath

    of the bed.With the cotton quilt.

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