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a perfect man 是一部溫馨喜劇,因為受不了媽媽為了擺脫離婚的陰影而到處搬家



假裝是有愛慕者 要追他媽媽,而卻誤打誤撞的幫媽媽 找到真命天子!!







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    The insight that sees this film through BE

    The a perfect man is a warm and fragrant comedy, because of can not stand mother for getting away from the shadow of the divorce and move out everywhere

    Look for the perfect lover that can depend on so after they move the second 歷 mulberry 納 soil mulberry City to settle down

    The lotus 莉 for the sake of not Be letting mother suffer from again the injury

    The affectation has already adored to want to make track for his mother, but the mistake beats the mistake to bump of find out the true life Emperor for mother!!

    I feel the lotus 莉 a beginning of inside is to embrace a kind of think a mother's doesing some matters to make him happy, but hasing never thoughting the oneself will mess up everything,

    This kind of mood to her, I rather can realize, wanting to let mother to look for to a

    Perfect man, then look after to make mother happy very much to mother.

    Because although have no real"perfect man" to the lotus 莉 , his mother is an at perfect however of mother!

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    My feelings to this film is......

    A Perfect Man is a softly fragrant comedy. Because _____(這裡要有個主詞,請你自己填上去) couldn't stand her mother for moving from place to place to get rid of the shadow of divorcement, to find a reliable and perfect lover. So when they moved to Arizona, and settled down in Tucson City, Holly, for the sake of her mother not to be hurt again, she pretended that there was an admirer that would like to ask her mother out, but found a real date for her mother accidentally!

    I think that Holly in this film, is always carrying a mind that she wants to do something for her mother to cheer her up, but she didn't know she would mess up everything.

    As a mind like her's, I can rather feel: finding a perfect man for her mom, then take wonderful care of her mother to cheer her up.

    Because though there's no such perfect man, for Holly, her mother is the most perfect mom!

    我覺得我翻的有點怪= =


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