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I have something interesting to tell you.應是這樣....


I have something that is interesting to tell you

that is interesting 修飾 something


I have something interesting to tell you

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    Therefore provable Lai He's greatest contribution, not only lie in the achievement of Taiwan new-vernacular literature , his merger had of thought and merging the function to a great deal of contemporary division, can be done as an important reference in the bluish-green tense relation of the society of Taiwan of today too, among environment on at deadlock how is it create one kind win-win and can ' advance ' society last thought, Lai He had already offered a way of doing things and direction with suggestion nature more than 60 years ago.

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    那請問你一個問題喔!I have something to tell you. [加入interesting改寫]

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    From this may prove Lai Hotsui the big contribution, not only lies in the Taiwan new-vernacular literature the achievement, he regarding a contemporary many fissions thought conformity and the fusion function, similarly may do in the today Taiwan society bluish green tension is an important reference, how created one kind double won also energy "the advance" the social reform thought in the deadlock environment, Lai Ho in more than 60 ago on already provides to have the suggestion method and the direction.

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