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    自由電子報每天都有一篇中英對照讀英文 (點選國際新聞再點選中英對照)希望能幫上你http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/2006/new/feb/13/tod... who printed Quran's name on toilet paper to be tried in Germany 印可蘭經名字在廁紙上的男子將在德國受審◎ 羅彥傑A German who printed the name of the Quran on toilet paper and offered the rolls for sale to mosques and media is to face trial for disturbing the public peace, an official said.一名將可蘭經名字印在廁紙上,且提議將這些捲紙販售給清真寺與媒體的德國男子,即將因擾亂公共安寧而受審。The businessman will go on trial Feb. 23 at a court in Luedinghausen in western Germany, a spokesman for judicial authorities in nearby Muenster said.這名商人將於2月23日在德國西部盧丁豪森的一間法院受審,鄰近的明斯特市司法當局一名發言人說。The businessman last summer printed sheets of toilet paper with the sentence "Koran, the Holy Qur'aen'' and sent them to some 15 mosques, television stations and magazines.這名商人去夏在廁紙上印了「可蘭經,神聖的可蘭經」的句子,而且將它們寄給15家清真寺、電視台與雜誌。In an accompanying letter, authorities say, he asserted that Islam's holy book is a "cookbook for terrorists'' that calls for acts of violence.在一封附帶的信函中,當局說,他宣稱伊斯蘭的聖經是「恐怖份子的食譜」,宣揚暴力行徑。He proposed that a"memorial to all victims of Islamic terror'' be set up, financed by sales of the toilet paper ─ an offer that prosecutors say he also posted on the Internet.他提議應建立一座「所有伊斯蘭恐怖受害者紀念碑」,經費由廁紙銷售所得提供─檢方說,他還在網路上刊登這項提議。Prosecutors argue that the man's actions overstepped the legally guaranteed freedom to criticize other religions. They say he has cited his right to freedom of opinion and artistic expression and said his aim was to provoke rather than actually sell the toilet paper.檢察官主張,這名男子的行為批評其他宗教,超越了法律保障的自由範圍。他們說,他已援引其言論與藝術表達自由權,而且說他的目標其實是要挑釁,而非真正的賣廁紙。新聞辭典to disturb︰動詞,指擾亂、使…激動。例句︰Heavy truck traffic disturbed the neighborhood.(大卡車來來往往擾亂這一帶的安寧。)to go on trial for ~︰片語,…以~罪名受審。例句︰Five defendants will go on trial for murder. (5名被告將以謀殺罪名受審。)to overstep︰動詞,指超越、超出…的限度。例句︰The court must not overstep its authority and infringe upon the powers of the executive and legislative branches.(法院絕不可超越其權限,侵害行政與立法部門的權力。)to provoke︰動詞,指挑釁、刺激。例句︰He tried to provoke them into fighting.(他企圖挑撥他們打架。)

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    這不僅可以英翻中 中翻英


    不過你把整篇po上去吧 自己再翻順一點




    除非你自己去買報紙來看 有新聞報

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