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\"那你有什麼顧慮? 因為自己是男生,所以父母失望會越大嗎?\"







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    ""Then what are you concerned about ? Is it because the fact   that you are a boy would make your parents more disappointed ? ""You've got married definitely and are aware that your husband   will never have a passion for you. Isn't that called living widow ?   It can be more painful than being a widow, I guess.""The article will be published on the school bulletin,   and at least 3000 people are going to learn about it.

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    "那你有什麼顧慮? 因為自己是男生,所以父母失望會越大嗎?"


    And what's worrying you? Did your parents feel more disappointed because you are a man?

    Apparently being got married, and I know it's impossible to have affection with my husband. Isn't that called "a living window?" That must be more anguished than a real widow!

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    除非有更詳細的補充 否則翻不好

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