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幫我作文吧= = 題目噩夢 20點

禮拜1就要交了 請大家救救我啦= = 拜託

題目 噩夢[不管什ㄇ夢都好]

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    噩夢 Nightmares :

    - People tend to get nightmares when they are under stress. At least that is the case with me. Everytime I miss a meal and stay up late to study for a test, I have nightmares of failing my exam. Whenever I fight with my friends and cry myself to sleep, I dream that I am alone in the world. After being scolded by my parents, I always dream about being chased by dead people.

    - One of my scariest nightmares happened after my aunt died. She was young when she left us and before that, we were very close. My parents work a lot, so my aunt used to take good care of me before they come home at night, bringing me snacks and helping me with my homework. One day, she got very sick and had to stay in the hospital. The day she passed away, me and my family stood by her bed, crying until there were no tears left.

    - After her funeral, my family and I returned home, tired from all the crying. That night, I dreamt of my aunt. The dream took place during the day, but it was very foggy so I still couldn't see. In the distance, I saw my aunt sitting on the ground. I walked over to see if she was okay. Even in my dream, she wasn't healthy. She was very pale and skinny, the skin on her face sagging, she didn't even have energy to talk. I cried and ran away.

    - In the nightmare, when I reached my house, there were men in black suits waiting for me. They wanted to kill me, so I tried to run away, but my legs were too heavy and I couldn't get far. When I turned around, they pulled out a gun and shot me in the head, then pushed me out of the window. As I lie there on the ground, I wasn't dead and rats came to chew on my face. This is when I woke up, sweating and crying.

    - When we don't take good care of ourselves, the stress builds up and affects our sleep. I think having nighmares help us relieve some of those stress so that we may wake up and be glad that our lives aren't so bad after all.

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    Bad Dream

    Everyone has the experience of having bad dreams. I have no exception. As a student, I always hope that I can get good grades in my tests or exams, so I am very stressful everyday when I go to school.

    One time, I was having a test the next day, so I stayed up late to study. When I took the exam, I found out that I forgot everything. I did not even remember the most basic problem on the paper. I was so nervous, and my heart was beating so fast that I could hardly breathe. When the teacher called the time up, she came over and looked at my paper. She gave me an F in front of me because I did not write anything down on the paper. I was so frustrated by the time, and right when I was going to fall down from a chair, I woke up. I realized it was a bad dream.

    Fortunately, it was just a bad dream. I hope that kind of dream will never happen again. At the same time, I hope I can do well on all other exams. Bad dreams may come from a person’s working or studying pressure. If we all can release pressure appropriately when we are stressful, we will have less bad dreams.

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