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? asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


1.clear up清理 2.communicate with與...溝通 3.contribute to貢獻 4.carry on繼續

5.consist of組成 6.complain of抱怨 7.concentrate on專心於 8.consist on在於

9.carry out實現 for 11.cope with對付:應付 12.correspond with符合 with對待:處理 14.dream of夢想 15.depend on依賴 16.die from因...而死(外傷) 17.die of因...而死(疾病) 18.differ from與...不同 19.dispose of處理

20.drop in at+地方 順道拜訪 21.drop in on+人 順道拜訪

麻煩各位大大幫幫忙造句~小的我英文真的是太爛了!!所以麻煩一些英文好手....邦造個句吧!!!![最好可有中文翻譯~這樣比較容易懂] 感恩唷^^~

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    1. There are so many files piled up on my dest which need to be cleared up.


    2. The best way to solve a problem is to sit down and communicate with him/her in a peaceful mood.


    3. As a member of the society, we should contribute whatever we can to make the living environment become better.


    4. The series of events happened these days can not stop us from carry on finding out the truth.


    5. Our rescue team consists of 1 helicopter pilot, 3 social workers and 3 medical personnels.


    6. Stop complaining of how difficult the exam was, you should blame yourself for not working hard enough.


    7. Please turn the music down so that I can concentrate on the phone.


    8. 好像沒聽過這個片語喔,請查查是不是有錯誤。

    9. She had finally carried out her promise to quit smoking.


    10. Who will care for the house while the family is away?


    11. I'm coping with my new job very smoothly.


    12. The info you provided to you does not correspond with the actual situation.


    13. As a salesman, I have to deal with vrious kinds of clients each day.


    14. To run my own company is something that I always dream of.


    15. He is a very gentle person that you can depend on.


    16. He died last night from a car crash on the High Way.


    17. My uncle died of stroke which had caused him suffer for many years.


    18. Chinese differs greatly from English in spelling.


    19. He has disposed of the rubbish properly.


    20. Sorry that I decided to drop in at your place on my way back home. I have very important things to tell you.


    21. Would you please drop in on me when you come back from kitchen. I have something to discuss with you.


    其實很多片語都可以從DR EYE 中找到相關的造句的。建議你參考看看。

    Source(s): Dr Eye.
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