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可以給我Lee SoJung唱的one(歌名)

我不確定是one還是friends...就 幫我查一下=]謝了

我只要英文歌詞 不用幫我翻譯囉 謝謝


一開始的歌詞好像是when i saw you for the first time, (之間沒聽清楚)之後...u didn't say a word to me, but now.........

呵呵 之後就忘了: )

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    "ONE"Sung by Lee So Jung 李秀英


    When I saw you for the first time, I knew you were the one.

    You didn`t say a word to me, but love was in the air.

    When you held my hand, put me into your world,

    from then on my mind has changed for you.

    Now I`ll never feel lonely again `cos you are in my heart.

    Love, how can I explain to you

    the way I feel inside when I think of you.

    I thank you for everything that you show me,

    `cos you will not forget that I love you.

    Love, I know that someday will soon you be right next to me.

    Whole day miss you tight so I will always be yours.

    Although we can`t be together now,

    remember I am here for you, when I know you`re there for me.

    When ever I long to be with you,

    I just close my eyes and pretend you`re here.

    I see you I touch you I feel you, I will.

    Nothing can ever change what I feel inside.

    How long must I be far away from you,

    I don`t know, too, but I know we are one.

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    摁 可能是韓國歌星喔 呵呵


    你可以去下載那首歌 很好聽=]

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