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我想把中文翻譯成英文  告白信>"<

我喜歡一個男生呀 我決定告白

男生的英文很好 通過英檢中級 所以我想用英文寫

本人英文不好 拜託各位大大>"<



老實說 ... 我喜歡你!但我無法開口...

或許是我害怕 害怕被你當面拒絕的畫面?!


也許你當我只是朋友 但~我也不會亂想?!

所以寫信? 想問你 是否願意跟我交往?!

如果 讓你感到很委屈或是無奈的話,請別見怪!

假使 真當不成情侶。我想~我們還是可以當朋友的對吧?!

但是 在我內心 這不是我的真心話 我想跟你當不只是朋友 

如果~你有疑惑 我想因該很正常的吧?!


如果 你覺得不合適 我會尊從你的意思?!


在一段愛情沒嘗試過 是不可能能了解他的好壞。


儘管真的不能交往、或是嘗試的話 我想真的只能當朋友了

畢竟  我對妳的心意我已說名了



因為如果隱藏 你永遠不知道我喜歡你


用中文寫一點都不特別咩- -*

他應該可以看的董 英檢真的很難 

我也好不容易過初級 要過中級有蠻難ㄉ- - 

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    well...I think I don't wan't to conceal my feeling any more.

    Actually...I like you! I just can't say it out to you.

    maybe I am afraid...I am afraid that you refuse me.

    So, I write a letter to tell you my feeling.

    Maybe you just regard me as a friend, but, I don't think too much.

    so I write a letter to ask you, would you be my boyfriend?

    If you feel grieved, please don't mind.

    If we can't be lovers, well...we still can be friend, right?

    but, in my heart, this is not true, I don't want to be a friend with you.

    If you are doubt, I think it's normal, right?

    If yes, can we try to get together first?

    If you think I am not suitable for you, I will respect your choice.

    But, I don't want to be your friend forever, do you understand me?

    It will never know it's good or bad before trying it.

    only the surface thinking

    Though, it really can't be lover or try to get together, I think we could only be friends.

    After all, I have tried my best to express my feeling to you.

    But, you probably treated me not just like friends, right?

    I like you!! As I don't want to hide anymore.

    If hide it, you will never know I like you.

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    第七句改一下,字寫錯If you feel embarrassed, please don't mind.倒數第五句改一下,寫的怪怪的Even if we can't be lover or try to get together, I thinkwe could only be friends.

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    well..i think i don't want to hide my feelings any more.

    actually...i like you! but i'm afraid to tell you that...

    maybe because i'm afraid, afraid that you will refuse me

    so i wrote you a letter

    maybe you only treat me as a friend, but.....i'll stop imagine!

    so i wrote this letter, wanting to ask you, can you be my boyfriend?

    if this letter make you feel weird, please forgive me

    what if, we really cna't become couples, i think, maybe we can still be friends

    but inside my heart, this is not the truth, i won't wanna be just friends

    if you have a question, i think it's normal.

    would you mind, try to go out with me for a period of time?

    if you think it won't work, i respect you.

    but i don't wanna just be your friend, you understand??

    an love without trying, you won't know if it's good or bad.

    it just the outside and the mind

    if we have be together, or even try, i think we really can only be friends

    i told you what i've feeled

    you won't only treast me as a friend? right?

    i like you, i don't wanna hide that feeling anymore

    if i do, you will never know how i feel about you.

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    Kindness kindness I think.. I do not probably want to be hiding one's own feeling ! To be frank ... I like you! But I am unable to open one's mouth ... Perhaps it is the picture that I fear to be refused face to face by you? ! So I write letter and tell you. It it lasts I to be only you by friend but - Will not I think arbitrarily either? ! So write letter? Want to ask whether you would like to associate with me? ! If let you feel that feel wronged or helpless, please don't mind ! If can not really become a lover. Let me see - Is it right that we worked as the friend ? ! But this sincere words of me I is it follow you as not only friend to want in I heart Do I think be very normal if if you feel uncertain ? ! Willing - Associate with me first ? See in some time? ? Do I know a meaning from you if you think it improper? ! But I have not wanted to work as the friend with you all the time , understand? ! Have not tried to be the impossible quality that can find out about him in a section of love. Only superficial view and though idea really can't associate, or that try I is it can only work as the friend after all really to want My compliment I to you say name but I can only treating like the friend probably already? ! I like you - ! Because I do not want to hide again Because if hide You will never know that I like you

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