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President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) yesterday appealed to the head of the Lions Club International (CLI) to assist Taiwan in changing its official title from \"Chinese Taiwan\" to \"Taiwan,\" a resolution the chapter\'s representatives passed about two years ago.

Chen made the remarks while accepting the \"International President\'s Award,\" the CLI\' s highest honor, from the organization\'s president Ashok Mehta.

The Taiwanese chapter passed the name change resolution via a referendum on Jan. 11, 2004, in a move against the CLI, which changed the chapter\'s official name from \"Republic of China\" to \"Chinese Taiwan\" under pressure from the Chinese government on April 10, 2002.

The chapter\'s resolution, however, has yet to receive any positive response from the organization\'s headquarters. While the headquarters uses \"Multiple District 300 Taiwan\" as Taiwan\'s name in its internal documents, its official title remains \"Chinese Taiwan.\"

\"No one person, group, or country has the right to change the name chosen by the representatives of the Taiwanese chapter,\" Chen said.

Chen said that adding the word \"Chinese\" before \"Taiwan\" made Taiwan look like part of China\'s territory, which is absolutely inconsistent with reality.

Chen called on CLI\'s headquarters, led by Mehta, to assist the Taiwanese chapter in changing its name, noting the government will support the move.

In response to Chen\'s request, Ashok Mehta was quoted by the Presidential Office\'s press release as promising that he would do his best to settle the controversial issue.

\"It is unavoidable that CLI chapters sometimes have rows with each other. If they can sit down and talk, I believe they will surely find a solution in the end,\" he said.

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    陳水扁總統 昨天喜歡獅子俱樂部的頭國際(CLI) 對協助臺灣在改變它的官銜從"中國臺灣" 到"臺灣," 章節的代表通過大約二年前的決議。

    陳做了評論當接受"國際總統的Award," CLI ' s 最高的榮譽, 從組織的總統Ashok Mehta 。

    臺灣章節通過了改名決議通過公民投票在2004 年1月11 日, 在移動反對CLI, 更改章節的正式名稱從"中華民國" 到"中國臺灣" 受到來自中國政府的壓力在2002 年4月10 日。

    章節的決議, 然而, 有接受任一種積極反應從組織的總部。當總部使用"多個區300 臺灣" 當臺灣的名字在它的內部文件, 它的官銜依然是"中國臺灣。"

    "人、小組, 或國家沒有權利更改名字由臺灣章節的代表選擇," 陳說。

    陳說那增加詞"漢語" 在"臺灣" 做臺灣看起來像一部分的中國的疆土之前, 與現實是absolutely 不一致。

    陳拜訪了CLI's 總部, 由Mehta 帶領, 協助臺灣章節在更改它命名, 注意政府將支持移動。

    以回應陳的請求, Ashok Mehta 由總統辦公室的新聞發布引述了當許諾他會做他最佳解決有爭議的問題。

    "它是難免的, CLI 章節有時有互相列。如果他們能坐下和談話, 我相信他們肯定將發現一種解答在最後, "他說。

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