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急!!麻煩大大幫我翻譯一下這2篇英文短文 感恩





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    1.The topic is " sports "

    If OK to have a holiday usually, my always weather in the afternoon again is just right ¨ÉAt time, go to climb the mountain with father , on the road ¨ÉThe scenery is really quite beautiful ¨É,On the mountain ¨ÉThe air is very fresh too, finish climbing the mountain each time , flow ¨ÌAfter the sweat, it is very comfortable to always have the body definitely, then we, on slowly ¨ÉWalk home, finish having the bath , has had supper, see with parents ¨ÍThe TV is getting old ¨ÌIt's time to go to bed ¨ÉTime ¨Ì,Time always passes ¨ÉSo fast ~~~

    2.The topic is " I " ¨ÉInterest "

    I am still now ¨ÍStudents, do some extracurricular activities for me ¨ÉThere are few chances, I ¨ÉThe interest is to study the car respect ¨ÉKnowledge, will often go to give him a piggyback ¨ÉCar name, or displacement ,etc., another ¨ÍThe interest is, but " computer ", but does not play, but study for some nows on the network ¨ÉHot ¨ÉTopic ,etc., though this ¨ÍThe interest is the same as a lot of people, but oneself is real ¨ÉInterested ¨ÉIt is old should want it conscientiously ¨ÉGo to implement


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    Usually has a vacation if is all right, I again afternoon the weather

    is always just right, climbs a mountain together with the daddy, on

    road scenery really attractive, on mountain air also very fresh, each

    time crawls the mountain after, perspires, always thought the body is

    very comfortable, thereupon we on slowly turn back the family, washes

    the bath, has eaten the dinner, again with the father and mother

    together looked a television, arrived this sleeping time, the time

    always crosses that quick ~~~


    I now or a student, to me said engages in some extracurricular

    activities the opportunity very few, my interest is studies the

    vehicle aspect the knowledge, frequently can go carries his vehicle,

    or is air displacement and so on, moreover an interest is, "computer",

    but certainly is not plays, but is studies some present in network

    popular topic and so on, although this interest with very many person

    of dissimilarity, but own really have the interest is should want to

    be earnest implements

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