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萬里長城 Great Wall

算盤 Abacus

舟 Ship

驛站 Relay Hostels

運河 Waterways

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    Great Wall of China--A line of fortifications extending about 2,414 km (1,500 mi) across northern China. Built in the third century B.C. by some 300,000 laborers (mainly criminals, conscript soldiers, and slaves), the wall proved ineffective against invaders and is today a major tourist attraction.

    Abacus--One of the earliest counting instruments. Similar devices predate the Greek and Roman days. It uses sliding beads in columns that are divided in two by a center bar. The top is "heaven," where each of two beads is worth 5 when moved to the center bar. The bottom is "earth," where each of five beads is worth 1 when moved toward the center.

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    Ship--A large vessel equipped for deep-water operation. A sailing vessel furnished with a bowsprit and three masts (a mainmast, a foremast, and a mizzenmast), each of which is composed of a lower mast, a topmast, and a topgallant mast, and square-rigged on all masts.

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    A waterway is any navigable body of water. These include rivers, lakes, oceans, and canals. In order for a waterway to be navigable, it must meet several criteria:

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    1. deep enough to allow the draft depth of the vessels using it; 2. wide enough to allow passage for the beam width of the vessels using it;

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    3. free of barriers to navigation such as waterfalls and rapids, or have a way around them (such as canal locks); 4. The current of the waterway must be mild enough to allow vessels to make headway

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    舟 Ship

    All About the Ship

    Mystic Blue Cruises is the newest dinner cruise ship at Navy Pier. A 500-passenger vessel built specifically for cruising the Chicago skyline, Mystic Blue Cruises offers three enclosed decks plus a relaxing open-air deck. Newly remodeled, sleek, silvery-blue interiors. And unbeatable views from every table.

    Launched January 2003

    Cost $4.5 million

    Passenger/ Crew Capacity 650

    Length 160 feet

    Beam: 36 feet

    Draft 6.5 feet

    Height 50 feet

    Weight 349 tons

    Engine Two 504-hp 12v71 Detroit Diesel

    One DC electric bow thruster

    Top Speed 10.5 knots (12mph)

    Cruising Speed 7.5 knots (8.6 mph)

    Marine Crew Up to 15

    Galley Crew Up to 25

    Service Crew Up to 125

    Decks 3 enclosed, plus open-air "Observation Deck"

    Heads 6

    (3 women's & 3 men's bathrooms)

    Bars 3

    Dance Floor 2

    萬里長城 Great Wall

    The Great Wall of China, one of the greatest wonders of the world, was enlisted in the World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987. Just like a gigantic dragon, the Great Wall winds up and down across deserts, grasslands, mountains and plateaus stretching approximately 6,700 kilometers (4,163 miles ) from east to west of China. With a history of more than 2000 years, some of the section of the great wall are now in ruins or even entirely disappeared. However, it is still one of the most appealing attractions all around the world owing to its architectural grandeur and historical significance.

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