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英文單字造句,急急急 !!












謝謝你們唷 ~ 只是... 很抱歉,無法每個人都拿到點 >//

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    1.silly It was silly of me to say such a thing我說這話真傻

    2.try We'll try to improve our teaching methods我們要設法改進教學方法

    3.hide Where did you hide it你把她藏到哪裡了

    4.built The house is built of wood這房子適用木頭建造的

    5.reason The reason for her absence was that she was ill他之所以缺席是因為她生病了

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    6.snails those snails was tired because they crawl very long time那些蝸牛們很累了因為他們爬了很長的一段時間

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    7.temperature The temperature dropped abruptly氣溫驟然下降8.tricks He got into the castle by a trick她耍了花招混進了城堡

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    9.masks All guests wore masks to the ball 所有客人都帶面具參加舞會 10.sheets My mother changes the sheets every week我媽媽每週換床單

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    1.silly-It was silly of me to say such a thing.

    2.try-We'll try to improve our teaching methods.

    3.hide-Where did you hide it?

    4.built-The house is built of wood.

    5.reason-We have reason to believe that he was lying.

    6.snails-That janitor is a snail who never gets things done.(sorry,我找不到復數的snail)

    7.temperature-The temperature dropped abruptly.

    8.tricks-Magicians often perform tricks such as pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

    9.masks-All guests wore masks to the ball.

    10.sheets- My mother changes the sheets every week.

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    1.silly You're silly.

    2.try Try it!

    3.hide Hide!

    4.built Built it!

    5.reason No reason.

    6.snails They're snails.

    7.temperature How's the tempreature?

    8.tricks What a trick.

    9.masks They're masks.

    10.sheets They're sheets.

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    1.silly - You don't stick your head in the toilet; that's just silly.2.try - Try this new product.3.hide - You can't hide from me4.built - The house was built on an old cemetary5.reason - He tried to reason with me6.snails - There are snails on the floor.7.temperature - The temperature in this room is just right.8.tricks - Don't play tricks with me.9.masks - The banck robbers wore masks.10.sheets - Little Danny wet the sheets again.

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