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the ”W” on transcript..?


想準備轉到UC / Cal state

UC - LA/Berkeley/San Diego

Cal State - Fullerton/Long Beach

I might major in Sociology, but its still undecided, its just a major i\'m considering.

And i\'m currently taking Sociology 1. For some reason I want to drop it, but it will show a \"W\" on my transcript, will it make my transcript look bad?

What does \"W\" do, and how will the Universities think of it?

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    I am assuming "W" here means "Withdrawl"My gut feeling tells me that it's ok to have "W" on your transcript.  I'm not from the States but I'd like to think that it bears the same signficance as here in Australia.  Since you have not attempted to complete the course and hence cannot be graded, it is not possible for other  departments or institutions to judge your academic achievement based on that.  All they can ask you is why you wanted to change the subject, which is a fairly easy question to answer with plenty of justifications at your disposal.  I suggest that you do it as soon as possible if you have made up your mind, as there is usually a cut-off date from which your grade will become "fail" thereafter if you decide to drop the course later on.I hope I am of some help to you.Good luck~

    Source(s): An Aussie Boy (澳洲男孩)
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