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I will not lie to you, if you can ready from the bank confirmation stating that if you dont ship the money will not be credited to your account, but i will advices you to go and ship the item cos i have already pay the money to the bank for a week ago now.

Just go ahead on the shipping and send the waybill scan copy to the bank manager for easy activation of your money.

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    我不會對你說謊,假如你能準備銀行的確認聲明以證實你沒有把錢輸送走,那你的帳戶信用不會被破壞,但是我要勸你最好把東西運走,因為我已經在一個星前就把錢匯給了銀行!你只要把waybill scan copy拿給銀行經理就能啟用你的錢了


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