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    歌手:Gloria Gaynor歌名:I Will SurviveFirst I was afraidI was petrifiedKept thinking I could never livewithout you by my sideBut I spent so many nightsthinking how you did me wrongI grew strongI learned how to carry onand so you're backfrom outer spaceI just walked in to find you herewith that sad look upon your faceI should have changed my stupid lockI should have made you leave your keyIf I had known for just one secondyou'd be back to bother meGo on now go walk out the doorjust turn around now'cause you're not welcome anymoreweren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbyeyou think I'd crumbleyou think I'd lay down and dieOh no, not II will surviveas long as i know how to loveI know I will stay aliveI've got all my life to liveI've got all my love to giveand I'll surviveI will surviveIt took all the strength I hadnot to fall apartkept trying hard to mendthe pieces of my broken heartand I spent oh so many nightsjust feeling sorry for myselfI used to cryNow I hold my head up highand you see mesomebody newI'm not that chained up little personstill in love with youand so you felt like dropping inand just expect me to be freenow I'm saving all my lovingfor someone who's loving me

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