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How do u think this university

Hi, i want to apply to DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) of University of Northern Virginia, but i have many questions about this University:

1. How do u think this school?

One of my friends is studying there, and he tell me, this school is too small and not to good, and can not learn something in class, and ........etc. (he didn\'t know how to tell me every thing about this university!!)

i am a citizen of US(I was born in US), but when i was 1 years age, i came back to TW with my family , but now i want to go back to US to study DBA or another Maser! if i can graduated from UNVA, i will get a job in US! But important thing is, i afraid diploma of this school can not help me to get a good pay job in US!

So, how do u think this university?

If u have any advice, opinion or suggest about this school, tell me, and help me, I don’t want to lose my future and time and money!!

May god bless u!!

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    I live in San Diego which is in California, San Deigo State University(SDSU) is a public and that mean the tuition is much cheaper then anyother private school.

    The main point is SDSU is one of the top 50 businiess university in US i have a few friends went there for their MBA they all like the school...the campus is pretty big with a lots people.

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