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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


1 世界各地的讀者都喜愛他的小說

  Readers_ _ _ _ love his noveis.

2 電話響的時候,我正要上床睡覺

  I_ _ _ _ to bed when the telephone rang.

3 他結婚時沒有放棄工作

4 小孩通常衣食都得靠父母

5 他在睡覺前必須完成他的作業

6 一開始我並不相信他,但現在我知道他是對的

  _ _ I didn\'t believe him,but now I know he\'s right.

7 Janet常夢想著有一天能成為一名歌手

8 我真希望你永遠不要過像這一樣糟的日子

9 是你該去找工作的時候了








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    1.all over the world about to go (be about to 正要)

    3.He didn't give up his work when he got married.

    4.Usually children rely on their parents for clothes and food.

    5.He has to finish his homework before going to bed.

    6.At first

    7.Janet usually dreams of becoming a singer.

    8.I really hope that you won't have a such terrible life forever.

    9.It's time for you to find a job.

    10. To avoid the accident happened, you have to be especially careful.

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    第2是am going to go

  • 2 decades ago

    1.all over the ready to go {不是很確定喔}3.He did'nt give up the work when he got married5.He has to finish his homework before going to bed6.At first9.It's time for you to find a job.10.為了 avoid damage happened ,you have to be careful只有國3程度而已@@" 錯了請見諒><

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