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asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


The painting hanging in living room is valuable.

→ hanging 可以改成 hanged 嗎?

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  • Adam
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    2 decades ago
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    若要表被動的分詞片語也絕對不可以用hanged,因為hang表懸掛的動詞三態是: hang, hung, hung!hang的過去式或過去分詞若是hanged的意思是"將人(絞刑)吊死"!東西的懸掛是可以用主動來寫:The picture hung on the wall.若是你要強調這個東西是被掛上去的動作的話才寫成被動:The picture was hung on the wall.所以你的句子是可以有兩種寫法的,只是在意思上會有些許的不同(用主動表狀態,用被動強調是有人掛上去的動作,不過其實差異是極細微的):The painting hanging (The painting which hangs) in the living room is valuable.The painting (which is) hung in the living room is valuable.

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