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像是 : 你是跟團還是個人旅遊? 你有帶乳製品或是肉類食品嗎?




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    Q:Are you in a tour or travel alone?你是跟團還是個人?A:Travel alone.個人。Q:What's the purpose to visit here?你來美國的目的是什麼?A1:Vacation.渡假。A2:Vacation and visit relative / friend.渡假及探親/朋友。Q:How long will you stay in the States?你會在美國逗留多久?A:10 days.10天。Q:Please show me your return ticket.請給我看一下你的回程機票。A:Here it is.在這裡。Q:When is the last time you came to the States?你上次來美國是什麼時候?A1:Last July.上年7月。A2:This is the first time I travel to the States.這是我第一次來美國的。Q:Do you have anyone you know in the States?你在美國有認識的人嗎?A1:Yes, I do.  My friend lives in LA.有,我的朋友住在洛杉磯。A2:No, I don't know anyone in the States.沒有,我沒有認識的人住在美國。Q:What does your friend do in the States?你的朋友在美國是從事什麼的?A1:He is an Engineer.他是一位工程師。A2:He is a college student.他是一位大學學生。Q:Where you gonna to stay?你打算住在什麼地方?A1:My friend's home in LA.我朋友在洛杉磯的家。A2:hotel.旅店。Q:Do you have anything need to declare?你有任何物品需要申報嗎?A:No, I don't.沒有。Q:Any contraband?有任何違禁品嗎?A:No.沒有。Q:How much cash you brought to the States?你帶了多少現金來美國?A:Around two thousand US dollar.大約兩千美元。Q:Wish you have a great time in the States.希望你在美國有一個愉快的時光。A:Thank you.謝謝。

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    Do you have dairy products/fruit or meat? 你有帶乳製品/水果或肉類嗎?

    Do you have anything to declare? 你有東西要申報嗎?

    Is this your first time to this country? 這是你第一次來這個國家嗎?

    How long will you stay? 你會待多久?

    Where will you visit? 你會去什麼地方?

    Why do you come to this country? 你為什麼要到這個國家來?

    Do you have friends/ relatives / family here? 你有朋友/親戚/家人在這裡嗎?

    Are you with/ in a group? 你跟團嗎?

    Are you backpacking? 你是自助旅行嗎?

    Source(s): 個人被海關問過的經驗
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