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我叫ooo,現年二十七歲,在家排行老二,已婚,身體狀況良好,無不良嗜好。父親在台糖擔任獸醫工作,母親為家管,大姊在屏東第七河川水利局上班;家境小康,家庭生活平實和樂。高中就讀於屏東高工,也是我首次接觸機械相關課程,對機械學術理論從不懂到略知一二,課程著重於實做方面,並於課餘參加技能檢定取得鉗工及CNC車床丙級證照。升上遠東技術學院後,對於機械學術理論有更深一層認知,視野逐漸開闊並培養多方面的嗜好,並開始接觸電腦並積極擴展其他領域的知識;專科時擔任班代職務,負責統籌班上事務;社團方面則參加網球社。二年來,成績都維持在中上的程度,並於專科時取得鉗工乙級證照。專科就學期間,除了暑期打工外,並擔任畢聯會,為期二年,這個經歷使我對表達能力的培養及組織能力提昇,有著一定的助益。畢業後進入軍中服役,擔任軍官職務對於團體的紀律及生活管理有進一步體認,因軍中服役為兵工官科與機械為相關科系,於休假期間至職業訓練中心上課增加機械知識及技能並取得重型機械修護乙級證照。我的個性開朗,樂觀積極,容易與人相處,因此建立良好的人際關係;優點是待人誠懇,熱心助人;但不善於拒絕別人,有時為自己帶來困擾。興趣方面非常廣泛,籃球、網球、游泳、音樂 … 等。

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    I call ooo, 27 years old, seniority at home old two, married, the body condition good, without the bad habits.The father holds the post of the vet the work in the Taiwan Sugar Corp., the mother is a houseperson, the eldest sister is in Pingtung the seventh river conservancy bureau goes to work;The financial situation middle-class family, the home life is even actually with joy.The senior high school studies in high work in Pingtung, also is I first time the related curriculum of the contact machine, never understand to know a little of it to the academic theories of the machine, the curriculum puts great emphasis on to actually do the aspect, and attends the technical ability examination to obtain the benchwork and CNC lather C grade license in the lesson remaining.Rise to go to after the far east institute of technology, have for the academic theories of the machine more deeply a layer cognition, visual field gradual spacious also develop the various habit, and start getting in touch with the computer and actively expand the knowledge of other realms;The hour of specialty holds the post of a class of duty, being responsible for orchestrating the class business;The association then attends the tennis club.For two years, the result maintains at in last degree, and in specialty obtain the benchwork second grade license.The specialty goes to school the period, in addition to working in summer vacation, and hold the post of to finish the meeting , for two years of period, this career makes me promote to the development and organizational skill that expresses the ability, having the certain help.

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    Graduating the juniors goes in to undergo military service in the soldier, holding the post of the military officer duty for the discipline of the group and living the management to have to further realize,

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    because undergo military service for the soldier the work officer's section and machine for the related department in the soldier,

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    in holiday period go to the occupation training center has a class to increase the machine knowledge and technical ability and obtains a machine repair and maintenance second grade license. My character is bright, optimism aggressive,

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    easily get along with person, so build up the good social interaction;The advantage acts towards people sincere, the enthusiasm helps others;But be not good at refusing the other people,

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    sometimes bring the harassment for the oneself.The interest aspect is very extensive, basketball, tennis, swimming, music …etc..

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    第1句應該用My name is ooo比較好

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