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? asked in 娛樂與音樂電影 · 2 decades ago

"﹋ 幫我中翻英!緊急!20點! // #







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    Film title: Airborne crisis F L I G H T P L A N

    content program: This is a movement piece, the content is was saying... ... 茱 peduncle Buddha Si especially (the Oscar movie queen, plays a aircraft engineer triumphant Li) the belt the new airplane which own daughter 茱 Li Asia travels by oneself designs to return to the American New York from Berlin, after the hands-on the mother and daughter goes to sleep together, but as soon as wakes, discovered the daughter disappeared, 凱蒂 does not seek the daughter in the engine room, thereupon she requests the aircraft crew to carry on the rug type to receive the rope. 凱蒂 suspected the daughter encounters kidnapping, after but the aircraft crews and Berlin contact, actually passes on 茱 the Li Asia as early as to die in seven days ago, certainly not along with the news which 凱蒂 boards craft. Thereupon the triumphant emperor's tense behavior frightened machine on a half passenger, by now the famous navigation police in secret assisted 凱蒂 to look for her daughter, but the result was not so, that navigation police wanted to extort the airline, therefore with spatially took young lady to collaborate to hide his daughter in the engine room, but because the navigation police shape mark exposed, lets 凱蒂 find out the truth, rescued his daughter. ... ... Attainment feelings: This movie lets me feel the maternal love great, in looked in this flat and thin piece, I in suspected, is 凱蒂

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  • 2 decades ago

    Attainment feelings: This movie lets me feel the maternal love great,

    in looked in this flat and thin piece, I in suspected, is 凱蒂

    contracts the melancholia perhaps being frustrated sickness, otherwise

    hadn't everybody how seen her daughter's whereabouts, the spatial

    clothing personnel when receives the rope, also has not seen, but

    arrives finally, the navigation police for the airline money, deceives

    the aircraft commander, originally wants to kill 凱蒂, drew cash,

    has exploded the airplane, walked away, fortunately 凱蒂 believed

    she, only then discovered her daughter, also let me a little frighten,

    originally thought the navigation police really wanted to help, had

    not thought the instruction wanted the affiliation to extort by 凱蒂

    the mother and daughter, Really is a little... ...


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