You're still the one 的”吉他”譜

有人知道You\'re still the one [仙妮亞唐恩]唱的




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    You're Still The One - Shania TwainCapo 1[Intro]D D G A[Verse 1] D G ALooks like we made it, Look how far we've come my baby D G AWe mighta took the long way, We knew we'd get there someday[Bridge] D G AThey said, "I bet they'll never make it" D G ABut just look at us holding on D G AWe're still together still going strong[Chorus] DYou're still the oneGYou're still the one I run to Em AThe one that I belong to D G AYou're still the one I want for life DYou're still the one GYou're still the one that I love Em AThe only one I dream of DG AYou're still the one I kiss good night[Verse 2] DAin't nothin' better G AWe beat the odds together DI'm glad we didn't listen G ALook at what we would be missin'[Repeat Bridge][Repeat Chorus][Solo - D G A][Repeat Chorus] DI'm so glad we made it G ALook how far we've come my baby

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    請問 煉 大 妳打的那個我看不懂...

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