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  • 2 decades ago
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    1.All the readers all over the world like his novels.

    2.When the phone rang, I was going to bed.

    3.She never gave up when she married.

    4.Children usually depend their parents on clothes and foods.

    5.Before going to bed, he has to finish his homework.

    6.At the beginning, I didn't believe him, but now, I knew (that) he is right.

    7.Janet often dream that he can became a singer one day.

    8.I hope you didn't have a bad day like that.

    9.It's time for you to find a job.

    10.In order to avoided accidents, you should be more careful.

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  • 2 decades ago


  • 2 decades ago

    1. worlds each place readers all like the time which his novel

    2.telephones thought, I am just about to goes to bed sleeps

    3. she to marry when do not have the giving up to work

    4. children usual food and clothing all to have to depend on parents

    5. him in front of sleeping to have to complete his work

    6.1 to start me certainly not to believe him, but now I knew it is right

    7. J a n e t often vainly hoped for one day to be able to become singer

    8. me really to hope you never want to like this equally bad day

    9. is you should go looks for the work time

    10. in order to avoid having the accident, you must have to be specially careful

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