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put it that way的文法解釋和翻譯


那that way是什麼詞性,意思,在此句修飾什麼?


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    put指敘述,表達。that way是副詞片語,意思是另一方式,在此句修飾put動詞。Let me put it that way. 讓我換個方式來說明。通常是用在以某種方式來譬喻或說明時的語氣轉接用語。一些實際文章摘錄下來的片段供您參考:Let's put it this way: Life is like a dark corridor.  You have, say, 10 doors on both sides to get out of this darkness. Most people have one or two that are always open. But not everyone is so blessed. So when one facing these doors closed one by one right in front of his eyes until there's no one left, what's more dreadful than this? Not even death. stay tuned. He's going to do something with the Hummer that ties into a campaign promise, let's just put it that way.嗯,等著看吧。姑且這麼說好了,他遲早會把悍馬處理好,因為這是他的競選承諾。 course, meditation was also kinda helpful in helping me deal with nightmares, esp during my examination periods. I can't really describe the impact it had on me, but let's put it this way. When I meditate, my mind is being calmed down. -

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