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One day,the master pf an estate was preparing to go a long journey

As he was about to leave he said to his servant:

\"Keep a close watch over the door

And don\'t let any thieves take our donkey and ropl!\"

\"Don\'t worry.I will make sure everything is safe.\"

the servant replied.

After the master left,the servant ate his supper,

fed the donkey,and sat down to rest.

\"This is so boring!\" he thought.

Before long,he heard the sound pf banging drums:


He went out to see what was going on.

It was wandering opera troupe.

\"Oh how I would to see the opera!\"

he thought and prepared to set off.

Then he suddenly remembered his master\'s words.

\"What should I do?\"he said.

He scratch his head and thought a while.

Finally he came up with a plan.

First, he unhinged the door to the house

ang tied it to the donkey with the rope.

Then, pulling the donkey and whistling happily,

he went to see the opera.

Later,the master returned and discovered

that the house had been robbed.

He yelled angrily at the servant\"

\"Where are my things!!\"

The servant replied:

\"Before you left,you told me to watch the door,

the donkey,and therope. All of therethings are here

As for the rest of the things,I have no idea where they want!\"

The master then said:\"When I asked you to watch the door,

I meant to watch everything inside the door.

If everything is missing,what good is a door!\"


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    一天, 大師莊園準備去一次長的旅途的pf 因為他將留下他對他的僕人說: "保留一塊接近的手錶在門, 不要讓任何竊賊採取我們的驢和ropl!" "不worry.I 確定一切是安全的。" 僕人回復。

    在主要左邊, 僕人吃了他的晚飯之後, 被餵養驢,

    和坐下對休息。"這如此煩人!" 他認為。不久, 他聽見了聲音pf 猛擊的鼓: Boom!Boom!Boom! 他出去看什麼發生。這是漫步的歌劇馬戲團。

    "Oh 怎麼我會看歌劇!" 他認為和準備引起。然後他突然記住了他的大師的詞。"什麼如果I do?"he 說。他抓他的頭和認為一會兒。他最後產生了計劃。

    首先, 他unhinged 門對房子ang 栓了它對驢與繩索。然後, 拉扯驢和愉快地吹口哨, 他去看歌劇。

    以後, 大師退回和發現, 房子被搶奪了。他對僕人惱怒地叫喊了"" 是我的事! 的地方!" 僕人回復了: "在您離開之前, 您勸告我觀看門、驢, 和therope 。所有therethings 關於事的剩餘, 我沒有他們要的想法是這裡!" 大師said:"When 我然後要求您觀看門, 我意味觀看一切在門裡面。如果一切是缺掉, 什麼好是門!"

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