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depend on 和 in terms of 的意思

depend on

in terms of

什麼意思呢 造個句讓我更了解

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    depend on 依靠;信賴

    You can depend on him. 你可以信賴他。

    In terms of, 在...方面而言

    In terms of money, he's quite rich, but not in terms of happiness. 就錢方面來說他很富有,但就幸福方面來說就不然了

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    he __ on it in terms of his opinions

    __ 中放動詞如 agrees

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    He in terms of his opinion on it.

    這一句話怎麼沒有動詞呢? 真的是英文老師說的嗎?

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    depend on phr.依靠,依賴 例:She always depend on him.她總是依靠他.

    in terms of phr.以....的觀點,以...的方式 例:He in terms of his opinion on it.她以她的方式在上面.

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