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嗨!我的名子是Betsy!今年4歲了,我是一隻魚,我的學名是Gambusia affinis,你可以叫我食蚊魚或是大肚魚 ,我是屬於將魚科,我喜歡住在溪中的水流緩慢的岸邊或池沼,能耐污濁的水,同時也能容忍高鹽分的半淡鹹水。我的身體很長,前面有點楔狀,後面是扁。雌魚的腹部膨大。頭部中大,吻部短小。眼睛大,嘴巴翹翹的,體色為淡金黃色或灰色,略透明。背側暗褐色,腹面淺白。我的朋友們最高可以長到5CM,最矮有2CM,我原本是住在北美洲,不過呢在1913年時引入台灣,現在,在各溪流、湖沼及田渠等水域都可以看到我和我的朋友喔,大家都以為我們會吃垃圾,其是那都是錯的喔!我最喜歡吃孑孓了,其實我也有點算肉食性的,我常常在水裡和我哥哥玩躲貓貓,我最常躲在水草的後面,每次我哥哥都找不到我,有一次全村的魚都跑來找我,因為我不小心睡著了,大家都以為我被殘忍的人類抓走了,害媽媽哭的好難過,可是後來我還是被抓走了,現在的我住在一個破爛的魚缸中,每天都被強迫吃難吃的飼料,還是懷念以前自由自在的生活

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    Hey! My name is Betsy! 4 years old this year, I am a fish, my formal name is Gambusia affinis, you can ask me eat mosquito fish or big belly fish, I fish department, I is it live banks or ponds of sluggish flow among small stream to like, ability dirty water, can tolerate high half light salt water of salt too at the same time. My body is very long, in the front have a few wedge form, it is following of course. The belly of the female fish expands . It is big in the head, the kissing department is short and small . Eyes are big, the mouth is stuck up , the body color is light and golden yellow or grey , slightly transparent. It is dun to carry the side, light and white the belly. My friends can get to 5CM long at most , have 2CM the most shortly, I it is at North America since originally is live,but during 1913 it lead by Taiwan , now into, can see the friends of I and me in the water areas , such as every brook , lacustrine bog and Tian Qu ,etc. oh, everybody thought that we will eat the rubbish, their were that that was wrong oh! I like eating wrigglers most, in fact I count the carnivorous one too, I often play with and hide from cat's cat with my elder brother in water, I hide in the back of pasture and water most frequently, my elder brother can not find me each time, fish in once the whole village come to look for me, because I have fallen asleep because of carelessness, everybody thought that I am caught away by the cruel mankind, the ones that hurt mother and cried are good and sad, but later on I am caught away , I who am present live in a tattered fish bowl, forced to eat the terrible fodder every day, the life freely before cherish the memory of 你看看可不可以用

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