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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


1。 魚和蝌蚪是一對好朋友

2。 蝌蚪漸漸長大成了一隻青蛙,他離開池塘去到外面的世界

3。 有一天,青蛙回來了,而且帶了很多外面世界有趣的事情

4。 從此,小魚的腦袋裡,滿滿地旋轉著那些青蛙告訴他的事!

5。 有翅膀的鳥?能供應鮮奶的牛?會說話的人?

6。 有一天,小魚覺得他非親眼瞧瞧外頭的世界不可!

7。 他跳出水,看看外面的世界,但是跳出水後,他不能呼吸

8。 還好青蛙就在附近,把他推回水裡,挽救了他

9。 小魚終於明白青蛙說的\"Fish is Fish\"



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    1. The fish and the tadpole are a pair of good friend

    2. The tadpole long has gradually accomplished a frog, he leaves the pond to go to the outside world

    3. One day, the frog came back, moreover brought the very many outside worlds interesting matter

    4. From this time on, in small fish's head, is full completely revolves these frog to tell him the matter!

    5. Has the wing bird? Can supply the fresh milk cow? Can speak person?

    6. One day, the small fish outside thought he must with own eyes takes a look the world not to be possible!

    7. He jumps the water leakage outside, has a look the world, after but jumps the water leakage, he cannot breathe

    8. Fortunately the frog in neighbor, pushes him in the backwater, has saved him

    9. The small fish finally understood the frog said "Fish is Fish"

    10. Although their two are such different, they or continuously all are the good friend.

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    顯然是兩個小孩子的對談... 也顯然那是作業 ... 恭喜發問者要被打0了

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    呵呵 有笑果

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