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Seabiscuit Spirit 好像不是你說的這首ㄝ~~@@

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    You're Where I Belong (Soul Solution Remix) - Trisha Yearwood

    All my life I have waited for you

    Now I finally know I am whole

    Before we met how did I ever survive?

    No more will my life be empty and alone

    You're where I belong

    Your love has made me strong

    My feelings grow with each day

    It's your love that lights my way

    You hold me close

    Your kisses taste so sweet

    No longer does my heart want to flee

    My soul now dances with glee

    You came from out of nowhere

    And landed at my feet

    I am so lucky that we did meet

    And you found a place within my heart

    The strength of your arms

    Keep me safe from harm

    In my heart there is finally a song

    All because of you

    You're Where I Belong

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