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1973年5月8日出生,北海道出身的女性漫畫家,小時候的夢想當學校老師、獸醫或是動物園的飼育人員,讚小學時開始想當漫畫家 ,上課時常在教科書上塗鴉,當漫畫家前先在北海道老家從事酪農,在那裡養牛、耕田了七年。當了漫畫家以後感到最開心的事就是收到書迷寄來的信,小時候看到很棒的漫畫時總會覺得「好棒!好有趣!」,現在則是輪到自己,希望將這份感動傳達給大家。

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    On May 8, 1973 was born, the Hokkaido family background feminine cartoonist, the childhood dream worked as school teacher, the veterinarian perhaps the zoo the personnel, approved when the elementary school started to want to work as the cartoonist, attended class often spreads the crow in the textbook, when in front of the cartoonist first was engaged in the cream agriculture in the Hokkaido native place, raised the cow in there, has tilled the fields for seven years. Will work as the cartoonist later to feel the happiest matter receives the letter which the bibliophile mailed, in childhood saw when very good cartoon the general meeting thought "the good stick! Good is interesting!" Now is the wheel arrives oneself, hoped gives this move transmission everybody.

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  • 統治者 ~ the ruler

    征服者 ~ conqueror

    Source(s): 自己
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