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Ë biscuit nC.

Ø ○英:餅乾

Ø ○美:小麵包


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    單字: BATHROOM

    例句: (英) Is there a bathroom in this old house?

    (美) Excuse me. Can you tell me where the bathroom is?

    解釋: (英) bathroom:浴室 (但通常附有廁所)

    (美) bathroom:廁所


    單字: BE SICK

    例句: (英) I was sick yesterday. (我昨天吐了)

    (美) I was sick yesterday. (我昨天病了)

    解釋: (英) be sick:嘔吐

    (美) be sick:生病 (= be ill)


    單字: CHIPS

    例句: (英) We have to let our chips cool down before we can eat them.

    (美) At parties, we leave chips in a bowl for our guests.

    解釋: (英) chips:炸薯條 (hot, fried potato slices) -- 在美國,炸薯條叫做 French fries。

    (美/澳) chips:洋芋片 (dry, thinly sliced potatoes) -- 在英國, 洋芋片叫做 crisps。

    chips 和 crisps 通常用複數,亦寫成 potato chips 和 potato crisps。



    例句: (英) If you want to learn how to drive, you will need a driving instructor.

    (美) He is a social studies instructor in the university.

    解釋: (英) instructor:(技能或運動) 教練。

    (美) instructor:(大學)講師。


    單字: MAD

    例句: (英) He is mad about football!

    (美) He is mad at you!

    解釋: (英) mad:著迷 (crazy),其後通常加 about 或 on 再接受詞。

    (美) mad:生氣 (angry),其後通常加 with 或 at 再接受詞。


    單字: MEAN (adj.)

    例句: (英) He's very mean with his money.

    (美) That's a mean dog; be careful it doesn't bite you.

    解釋: (英) mean:小氣的,吝嗇的 (stingy, tightfisted)

    (美) mean:生氣的,脾氣暴躁的;邪惡的 (angry, nasty, bad-tempered; vicious)


    單字: PANTS

    例句: (英) He wears his pants under his trousers.

    (美) He wears his underwear under his pants.

    解釋: (英) pants:內褲 (underwear -- 美國用這個字)

    (美) pants:褲子 (trousers -- 英國用這個字)


    單字: PAVEMENT

    例句: (英) Children should walk on the pavement to prevent car accidents.

    (美) The pavement on the road has potholes in it.

    解釋: (英) pavement:人行道 (sidewalk -- 美國用這個字)

    (美) pavement:路面 (road surface)



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