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LAW Question

What is meant by \"Consideration must move from the promisee\"

this question is related to Contract Law

I need the anwser not the translation,

I do not want this be translated Thanksss every one ////

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    "Consideration" has special meaning in the Contract law. It basically means something of value that was exchanged as effected by the contract/promise. For example, if I promised to buy your car, the money that I will pay you for the car is "consideration." Contract law originated with the idea that no promise/contract is binding unless there is sufficient "consideration" - money/goods/services exchanged between parties. Consideration may also mean that you suffer a detriment - i.e. waive certain rights, stop certain actions, etc.

    In your context, "consideration must move from the promisee" means that the promisee must give certain thing(s) to the promisor (or designated 3rd parties). This makes sense in certain situations, where if I promised to give you $100, the promise is not valid unless you give me/someone something in return (or stop doing something that result to your detriment).

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  • George
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    There is the promiser and the promisee. The promiser is s/he who offers promises, and the promisee is s/he who receives promises. This sentence probably means that any consideration of change or any action, should be initiated by the one who receives promises, not the one who offers, because the one who receives is like the creditor and the one who offers is like the debtor.

    I think that you need to have the context to make sure what that sentence mean, for a layperson of law.

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