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英文不好,請幫我翻譯下面的字句,能夠像黑人俚語或是生活化一點更好唷, 謝謝。

1.跟著我一起讓節奏動起來,繼續動繼續動,不要停,再狂野一點,性感寶貝 們。













14.聽完一連串瘋狂的舞曲之後,現在讓你的耳朵休息一下,聽幾首抒情歌曲, 不要離開現場,舞曲時間馬上回來。


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    1.Come after me to together let the rhythm moved, continue to move to continue to move, don't stop, again a little bit and wild, sexy treasures.

    2.Don't has been sitting on the seat, fast go to the dance floor to gather.

    3.My people, believe your God, I am your God tonight, I want now to your most spicy rhythm, don't want again wasted time, coming over dance.

    4.This is very music of the * , working hard to hear, making an effort to jump.

    5.Now music that you hear is a ranking to ascend very popular music currently.

    6.Raise your hand, come after me to together sway.

    7.Together move, together call, together jump, together crazy.

    8.Now I want to your stronger song.

    9.This song is a friend to order to sow on the scene of music, give you.

    10.The party wild beasts of the scene, I am your DJ of the tonight, is time of the dancing now, the most fiery music all here, showing me you can have another the sex appeal, having another the madness, hearing my words, gathering.

    11.This is the most sexy song, so are most sexy you now of a takes out, making an effort to shake.

    12.Speed up, make an effort to flutter.

    13.Good, hear the previous song through hereafter, still have the HIGH song to even want now to you.

    14.After hearing a series of crazy dance musics through, let the your ear taken a break now, hear a sentiment song, don't leave the scene, the dance music time is right back.

    15.Now I want to give the friend who come from the foreign country to a song, hope you are here tonight, can play of very great.

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